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    I was looking for glasses to drink whiskey from when having company over. I also didn’t want to break the bank on nice glasses. These glasses are nice, have held up nicely. I’ve never put them in the dishwasher, I’ve only washed them by hand. Look great, and people think they cost much more than they actually did.
    After purchasing these glasses for ourselves, it was easy to utilize them as a gift for others for the holidays and other special occasions. The packaging is very nice, and each time they were received with gratitude and pleasure. A wonderful addition to the home bar!
    Solid thick heavy rocks glasses. Nice for cocktails, on the rocks or having your drink neat. The texture makes it so it won’t slip in your hand. I really like that it came with a box with a thick foam so I can take this on trips with me and I’m not worried about it breaking in my luggage
    Gorgeous looking bourbon glasses! My wife appropriated one for her cocktails as well. High quality, awesome feel and they look terrific!
    How can one not love the feel of cut crystal in the palm of their hand; especially the rounded shape that is perfect for cradling and sipping a lovely bourbon or scotch. Neat, of course.
    Bought this as a gift for my dad . In fact, he loved it so much I bought him another set! I highly recommend this product!
    The glass has a lot of weight in the hand, and the texture is clearly visible, which is nice
    It looks fancy,I love it!
    It was bought for a birthday gift. When I saw the glass, left it directly, really too beautiful.
    It's a nice pair. Great hand cut detail
    Good tumbler, my first shopping on this website, tightly packed
    It's permeable, it's sparkling, and it goes really well with the whiskey
    I have a very textual-looking whisky glass in my hand that I think it is most suitable for drinking whisky. It has a large diameter of the glass and can magnify the iceat all. It is simple but not simple

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