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About Us



One glass owns one world.

Whiskey glass is another soul of whiskey. It is not enough to have a good Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Canadian or Japanese, but a good companion.

We are a team that loves to ponder life while sipping our favorite spirits in high-quality, handmade glassware. The glasses and decanters, gradually became the topic we discussed most.

We love creating whiskey glasses. Searching and learning for all kinds of hand-carved crystal glasses skills has become our most significant interest.

We will make each glass diligently and hope to share the most elegantly hand-carved crystal glasses with the world.


Hand Carving Processing of UNIWHIS



Drawing precise lines on the crystal glass with bare hands.


Preliminary Hand-carved

According to the design drawn on the glass body, the initial line is carved. This step requires more than 20 years of craftsmen to open the line, otherwise the glass is easy to be damaged and scrapped.


Meticulous Depiction

Carefully delineate the grain depth, and carve the final pattern on the glass that has been initially carved.


Fine Grinding

There are a lot of uneven places on the glass, this step needs to grind the glass body to the best hand feeling



After the carving, the glass becomes dull and dusty, and this final step is to make it shine again.




(1)High-Quality Products

We focus on hand carved whiskey glass supplying.

(2)Strict Quality Inspection

We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

(3)Fast and Free shipping

We provide Free Global Delivery service covering 200+ countries and regions.

(4)After sale service

We have 24/7 Customer Service, please contact us: service@uniwhis.com or live chat to us.


Fulfillment Center :

Western United States

Address: 10013 Eighth Street, Suite K, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Telephone: 909-203-6161

Eastern United States

Address: 85 METRO WAY, dock1-12, SECAUCUS, NJ 07094

Telephone: (646) 755-0516